May 30, 2023

In the fusion between industry, art and academia, answers to society’s questions are sought

Still image from video documentation: Pierre Guillet de Monthoux

The Hamrin Foundation initiates interdisciplinary projects that seek answers and concrete solutions to societal issues. A clear example of this is a unique collaboration between The Hamrin Foundation, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm School of Economic, and an industrial company in Småland.

The Hamrin Foundation has, in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Art invited an artist to develop an art project that will be carried out in the production environment of an industrial company in Småland. Starting from the industrial company’s innovation center, there will be a meeting between the research processes of industry and art, which will result in an exhibition in the fall.

”The hope is that this interdisciplinary project will provide new insights for both art and industry. We hope to see the development of new ways of thinking and doing for industry, art and academia. We believe that it is in the fusion that answers to society’s questions can be found”, says Lovisa Hamrin, chair of The Hamrin Foundation.

The project’s artist is Sara Ekholm Eriksson. Since she recently graduated from the Royal Institute of Art, she has achieved great success by mixing materials and techniques into installations that develop a site-specific narrative and reside in the borderland between nature and artefact. Her work in the production environment has been ongoing since January 2023.

“I always look for situations where my ideas and the artistic process develop in the meeting with the people and the materials, the place and its history. Here I have quickly become part of the environment and we learn from each other. It will be exciting to show what a collaboration like this leads to when the exhibition opens this autumn”, says Sara Ekholm Eriksson.

In parallel throughout the work, the Stockholm School of Economics, through Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, follows the project from the business perspective.

“At the School of Economics, we examine the artist as a creative resource when tackling major problems in business. Art can, in a unique way, make us think “outside the accepted industry box”. How can the power of art help management and production to become effectively relevant to society?” asks Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, Affiliated professor and Academic director of the School of Economics’ Art Initiative.

For the Royal Institute of Art, the collaboration with The Hamrin Foundation, the School of Economics and an industrial company in Småland, is a way to develop the art.

”Art can arise and exist anywhere, but it is often when it leaves established spaces that the unexpected happens. Here we can develop new knowledge and meet the future by sharing questions, interests and methods between different worlds”, says Fredrik Ehlin, pro-rector of Royal Institute of Art.

About The Hamrin Foundation

The Hamrin Foundation creates interdisciplinary projects that move society, academia, and business. The foundation invests in research and development projects within, among other things, media and important social issues. The Hamrin Foundation was founded in 1986 in Småland. Since 1988, The Hamrin Foundation has invested approximately SEK 320 million in research.

About Royal Institute of Art

Royal Stockholm University of the Arts is a leading university of art with a long artistic tradition that began as early as 1735. It is Sweden’s largest university of liberal arts and Sweden’s smallest state university. The university conducts education and research in the subjects of liberal arts and architecture on an artistic basis.

About Stockholm School of Economic

Stockholm School of Economics (SSE, Stockholm School of Economics) is a private university founded more than a century ago. Almost ten years ago, it was decided to let art and literature inspire SSE’s entire knowledge strategy Free (stands for Fact-based, Reflective, Empathetic and Entrepreneurial). Since then, the SSE Art Initiative has been responsible for connecting art to state-of-the-art management training and international business research in economics and management.

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