March 29, 2022

Service diversification in focus when Hamrin Foundation invites to event

Serviceification has become a hot topic and something many people are asking for. Per Kristensson, Professor of Service Research at Karlstad University, visits the Hamrin Foundation and the Jönköping Chamber of Commerce to guide participants on how to develop the business based on the dynamic needs of the customer – and make their customer more satisfied.

In cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Jönköping County and Karlstad University, the Hamrin Foundation invites you to an event on the theme of Service Diversification. A topic that has become popular in recent years and which does not really need to involve any major changes, if Per Kristensson, an expert in the field, is to be believed.

In its simplest form, servitization usually involves only minor changes to a company’s offerings, and does not require expensive investments, yet it offers good opportunities for radically improved profitability. Serviceification simply means developing the business based on the customer’s dynamic needs – making your customer better, explains Per Kristensson, professor and director of one of Sweden’s largest research centres, the Centre for Service Research at Karlstad University.

The event, which will take place on Wednesday 6 April between 13 and 15, will be led by Per Kristensson and will include a lecture and a workshop. The workshop is suitable for all types of companies and the aim is for participants to come away with ideas on servicefication.

For the Hamrin Foundation, the event is part of creating meetings between academia, business and the public sector.

We see great value in organising this type of event together with academia and the business community. We hope for good conversations and meetings between different types of participants from different companies. This event is suitable for all types of industries and people with roles such as development manager, production manager, sales manager or CEOs. Of course, we also believe that leaders within the municipality or region can bring good tools and ideas, says Einav Peretz-Andersson, Business Developer at Hamrin Foundation.