May 08, 2023

The Hamrin Foundation and Vandalorum introduce a new art and industry collaboration

Oscar Guermouche and Lovisa Hamrin. Photo: Vandalorum

In the spring of 2023, The Hamrin Foundation and Vandalorum will start an educational program unique to Sweden, where art and design students at Swedish universities collaborate with industries in Småland. The program is established at the art and design museum Vandalorum in Värnamo and is led by artist Oscar Guermouche.

About the program

The new art and industry program aims to create a knowledge-spreading and exploratory activity that enables new meetings and collaborations between art and design students at Swedish universities and industries in Småland. The main aim of the program is to create a learning center that inspires new initiatives and approaches within both academia and industry. Each project will be presented in a public exhibition at Vandalorum.

“We have a long history with Vandalorum as a partner, and now to be able to start a new project together that provides a unique opportunity for art students and industries in Småland to meet feels very fun and exciting. We at The Hamrin Foundation want to create interdisciplinary projects that contribute to change in society, academia, and business. The collaboration with Vandalorum is an example of that. It’s especially interesting that this project includes regional industry,” says Lovisa Hamrin, chairman of The Hamrin Foundation.

“This program is a unique opportunity for different fields to meet and exchange approaches. There is huge potential in it for everyone involved. As an artist, I am particularly keen that art finds more areas in society to collaborate with,” says Oscar Guermouche, program manager art & industry, Vandalorum.

About The Hamrin Foundation

The Hamrin Foundation creates interdisciplinary projects that move society, academia, and business. The foundation invests in research and development projects within, among other things, media and important social issues. The Hamrin Foundation was founded in 1986 in Småland. Since 1988, The Hamrin Foundation has invested approximately SEK 320 million in research.

About Oscar Guermouche

The program will be led by artist Oscar Guermouche (b. 1977). He has a master’s degree from the Department of Art at Konstfack in Stockholm and is a recurring lecturer and guest teacher at Royal Institute of Art, Konstfack and Valand Academy. In addition, he is vice-chairman of the Konstnärsnämndens Bildkonstnärsfond and chairman of the Iaspis delegation, as well as a member of Konstfack’s college board.

About Vandalorum

Vandalorum is a museum for regional, national and international contemporary art and design. The business is focused on exhibitions and imparting knowledge. The location in the middle of the Gnosjö region, one of the country’s most productive areas, was chosen with care. In working to be more than a museum, Vandalorum’s goal is to promote development, where free art is a source of inspiration for new thinking and innovations in business and industry. Since 2004, Vandalorum has conducted independent educational initiatives in collaboration with various universities in Sweden.

Oscar Guermouche and Lovisa Hamrin. Photo: Vandalorum