March 04, 2022

The Hamrin Foundation contributes to research on Sweden’s geo-economic conditions

The troubled geopolitical situation makes it urgent for the Entrepreneurship Forum to strengthen research and analysis on Sweden’s geo-economic conditions, competitiveness and long-term prosperity. From an already strained situation, issues of integration and self-sufficiency become even more pressing with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine likely to bring a new influx of refugees to Sweden. To strengthen the Entrepreneurship Forum’s ability to contribute to independent analysis of the world and research in policy areas critical to society, Lovisa Hamrin is making a generous contribution to the Forum through The Hamrin Foundation.

The Entrepreneurship Forum’s research project Integration Sweden has previously identified the serious problems that Sweden faces in terms of economic integration and low self-sufficiency. A situation that may change significantly with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Entrepreneurship Forum has made a significant impact on both the debate and policy with the evidence produced by Integration Sweden. It is important that we now continue and strengthen the independent monitoring of the geo-economic situation in order to give Sweden the best conditions to maintain competitiveness, stability and thus long-term prosperity, says Lovisa Hamrin, President of The Hamrin Foundation.

Geopolitical changes and tensions underline the importance of foresight regarding digital and economic transformation, critical infrastructure and skills supply. Increasing technological disconnection between countries creates trade barriers and isolated systems, which can cause difficulties for a small, innovation- and trade-driven economy like the Swedish one.

Swedish competitiveness is in need of thorough analysis and political will for reform. We are already in the eleventh hour, our studies show that Sweden is losing ground compared to the OECD and regrettably stands out with a productivity that has fallen more than the OECD average since the pandemic. Recovery as well as preparedness for more difficult times requires sound knowledge that Entrepreneurship Forum aims to contribute, says Johan Eklund, CEO of Entrepreneurship Forum.

About the Hamrin Foundation

The Hamrin Foundation was established in 1986 through donations from Jenz Hamrin and her daughter Christina Hamrin. Since 1988, the Foundation has awarded approximately SEK 320 million for research. Assets have increased since 2015 from SEK 831 million to approximately SEK 2.3 billion through active management.

The Hamrin Foundation provides a stairway to knowledge for new thinkers to climb. We believe that courage, creativity and vision are the keys to meaningful impact. Our passion is to create joyful and exciting bridges between academia, industry and society.

The Hamrin Foundation is part of the Jönköping-based Herenco Group, a fourth-generation, family-run ownership company. The companies Emballator, Herenco Invest, Acticon, Leif Arvidsson, Miljöhallen Golv, Hagab, Nimex and LGG Inneklimat are wholly owned companies that are part of the group. The group has a turnover of 3.5 billion euros and employs approximately 1100 people. Herenco is also a shareholder in the portfolio companies Nolato (publ), Balco (publ), Lyko (publ), Profoto (publ), Fractal (publ), Lifvs and the main shareholder in JKS Golv and Nättraby Kakelservice.

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