April 20, 2023

Winners of The Hamrin Foundation Impact Scholarship 2022 focus their thesis on innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable energy

The Hamrin Foundation launched the Impact Scholarship in 2022. A scholarship for master’s thesis students who have made a significant contribution to society.

In its first year, the scholarship has been awarded to two theses (four students) from Lund University and Blekinge Institute of Technology.

From left: Ellyne Phneah, Hatice Has, Lovisa Hamrin (chair of The Hamrin Foundation), Karl-Henrik Andersson, and Stefan Liedman.

The Impact Scholarship 2022 winners were announced on April 20, 2023, in Jönköping. These two winning theses demonstrate a high level of innovation and propose solutions related to innovative entrepreneurship and sustainable energy supply.

The thesis “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Skåne, Sweden: Hype or Hope?” by Hatice Has and Ellyne Phneah at Lund University receives a scholarship of SEK 50,000. A second scholarship of SEK 50,000 was awarded to Karl-Henrik Andersson and Stefan Liedman at Blekinge Institute of Technology for their thesis “Off-grid portable production and distribution of sustainable energy – A product service system solution developed for the energy market”.

“We are incredibly proud and excited about all the theses submitted. The submitted theses were all interesting to read and had several exciting ideas. The two winners have demonstrated in different ways how actors such as academia, business and the public sector can collaborate on various issues”, says Lovisa Hamrin, chair of The Hamrin Foundation.

For The Hamrin Foundation, the Impact Scholarship is a part of its mission to create interdisciplinary projects that transform society, academia, and business. Scholarships are awarded to students who present innovative ideas and think outside of the box.

“Receiving this scholarship has been a confirmation from a fantastic jury and it also feels good to see that our master’s thesis has had a practical impact on academia, society and business”, says Hatice Has and Ellyne Phneah.

“It feels wonderful, it is an honor to receive this award and it feels like it confirms that our work has done something good. It’s also nice to have the opportunity to reach out to more people with our work, which we hope can be developed further in the future”, says Karl-Henrik Andersson and Stefan Liedman.

The application for Impact Scholarship 2023 is now open and closing in September 2023. For the Impact Scholarship 2023 both master’s and bachelor’s students can apply with a written thesis or artistic work.

From left: Roberth Friedman, part of the Scholarship jury, Ellyne Phneah, Hatice Has, and Lovisa Hamrin.
From left: Johan Roos, part of the Scholarship Jury, Karl-Henrik Andersson, Stefan Liedman, and Lovisa Hamrin.