Prize to research communication that has changed society – collaboration with Örebro University

What is the project about?

The Hamrin Foundation and Örebro University have jointly established two new annual prizes for “outstanding research communication”. The larger prize of SEK 100,000 goes to a person who has made a major impact in disseminating scientific knowledge. Anyone can nominate researchers, journalists or authors who have made a major impact in spreading scientific knowledge.

In addition to the prize of SEK 100,000, an internal prize of SEK 50,000 will be established and awarded to a researcher or doctoral student at Örebro University. The external prize of SEK 100,000 has a broad target group. Researchers, journalists, authors and representatives of organizations are examples of possible recipients.

The nomination of award winners is made at Örebro University’s website. The criteria for the external prize, a scholarship of SEK 100,000, include that the person, nationally or internationally, has “communicated research results with great impact over a long period of time”, and that the communication has “initiated or renewed a socially important debate or led to a tangible change in practice”.

For the internal prize, a scholarship of SEK 50 000, the importance of the communication reaching selected target groups, such as decision-makers or schoolchildren, is emphasized just as for the external prize. Both prizes will be awarded for three years and then evaluated.

Decisions on the winners are made by the vice-chancellor of Örebro University, the chair of The Hamrin Foundation, the secretary general of Vetenskap & Allmänhet and the head of communications at Örebro University.

The prize is awarded in connection with the Academic Ceremony at Örebro University.

Contribution of The Hamrin Foundation

We are very pleased to collaborate with Örebro University, which has shown great commitment and success in reaching out to society. The independent knowledge that exists in academia is so important for the public debate and for the development of society.

We are participating as a part of the jury for the prize.

About Örebro University

Today, 134 professors, 870 teachers and researchers and 490 doctoral students are attached to eight departments and three faculties at Örebro University.

Örebro University is ranked between 401 and 500 in the Times Higher Education’s ranking of the world’s best universities. In the list of scientific citations, the university is ranked third in Sweden, after Karolinska Institutet and the University of Gothenburg.


World-leading antibiotic researchers receive prize for research communication by The Hamrin Foundation and Örebro University

Joakim Larsson, world-leading researcher in antibiotic resistance, will be the first to receive the new major Prize for outstanding research communication of SEK 100,000. 

The second prize for outstanding research communication is SEK 50,000 and goes to a researcher or PhD student at Örebro University. The prize is awarded to medical doctor Anna Duberg, who has communicated her research on dance for health so that the new knowledge is now applied across the country.