The Hamrin Foundation


In 2023, we began investing in research areas such as Public Policy and Media. Our grants may be used to either plan research projects or conduct planned projects. Our beneficiaries include individuals, research groups, institutions and similar actors.

Art project in the production environment of an industrial company

The Hamrin Foundation has, in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Art invited an artist to develop an art project that will be carried out in the production environment of an industrial company in Småland. Starting from the industrial company’s innovation center, there will be a meeting between the research processes of industry and art, which will result in an exhibition.

Prize to research communication that has changed society

The Hamrin Foundation and Örebro University have jointly established two new annual prizes for “outstanding research communication”. The larger prize of SEK 100,000 goes to a person who has made a major impact in disseminating scientific knowledge. 

Value-Creating Conversations

In Value-Creating Conversations, research and business meet in conversations about the societal challenges of our time. The Value-Creating Conversations are made together with The Center for Service Research (CTF) at Karlstad University.


Photo: Patrik Svedberg / Jönköping University

Key partner and investor of Jönköping International Business School (JIBS)

Jönköping University is the Hamrin Foundation’s largest individual beneficiary, having received just over EUR 19 million. Jönköping International Business School in particular has benefited from the Foundation’s support: we have been strategically investing in JIBS since 1986. Today, JIBS is a leading business school.

Impact Scholarship

In 2022, the Hamrin Foundation launched its Impact Scholarship: a scholarship for students whose thesis has been particularly useful and impactful.

We now welcome applications for the Impact Scholarship 2023.


The Hamrin Foundation is one of the founding partners of Vandalorum, a museum that displays the most prominent art and design of our day. Vandalorum is modelled on a traditional barn, with a modern spin on it by Italian architecht Renzo Piano.

In the spring of 2023, The Hamrin Foundation and Vandalorum will start an educational program unique to Sweden, where art and design students at Swedish universities collaborate with industries in Småland.

Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum

The Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum is a prominent network that initiates, conducts and disseminates relevant research on entrepreneurship, innovation, business dynamics and growth.

Art Initiative

Art Initiative integrates art into the academic environment of the Stockholm School of Economics, to broaden the school’s educational scope.

Inspirational tour 2022

In May 2022, the Hamrin Foundation explored Israel for seven inspirational days, in the company of the country’s Ministry of Economy & Industry. The goal was to learn, get inspired and establish new relations.