The Hamrin Foundation and
Art Initiative

What is Art Initiative?

Art Initiative integrates art into the academic environment of the Stockholm School of Economics, to broaden the school’s educational scope. The project primarily draws on the school’s permanent collection, screenings of video art and exhibitions by contemporary artists. It closely cooperates with the student association Art Division.

Art Initiative believes that having a broader educational background helps people approach complex problems differently. It sees art as a method rather than mere decoration. There is also a link to entrepreneurship: art can move people and give them energy, can be a driving force that empowers them to create.

The contribution of the Hamrin Foundation

The Hamrin Foundation will be investing EUR 150,000 in Art Initiative in the next three years. This will let the Foundation access a stream of ideas and network with interesting, diverse actors. By immersing ourselves in liberal arts, we safeguard our relevance as human beings in the future and, by extension, in the development of companies and society.

The Hamrin Foundation began collaborating with Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Art in late 2021. The goal of this collaboration is to spark discussion, arrange visits that focus on sustainability, and explore the energy that is generated when the exploratory nature of art meets business innovation.