The Hamrin Foundation and

the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum

Lovisa Hamrin & Johan Eklund, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum (Applied Research)

What is the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and Project Integration?

The Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum is a prominent network that initiates, conducts and disseminates relevant research on entrepreneurship, innovation, business dynamics and growth.

Project Integration was born from the insight that economic alienation is one of the biggest challenges foreign-born individuals face in Sweden. More than 800,000 people are currently unable to make a living without state support, and that figure is growing. From 2019 to 2022, Project Integration led to breakthroughs and made decision-makers focus on self-sufficency rather than employment. The project not only affected the public debate, but also influenced which proposals were put forward in Parliamen. The team’s work and all of their suggestions for change were based on scientific facts and analysis.

The contribution of the Hamrin Foundation

The Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum is a highly efficient research hub that has had a major impact. The Hamrin Foundation not only invested EUR 3.5 million in the project, but also actively helped shape it, spending time discussing with and supporting the team along the way. Lovisa Hamrin (the Hamrin Foundation’s Chair) joined the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum’s Board in 2020.