The Hamrin Foundation and


What is Vandalorum?

Vandalorum is a museum that displays the most prominent art and design of our day. Vandalorum is modelled on a traditional barn, with a modern spin on it by Italian architecht Renzo Piano.

The contribution of the Hamrin Foundation

The Hamrin Foundation is one of the founding partners of Vandalorum and continously work with the museum to create new projects where art meets industry and society.

The Hamrin Foundation and Vandalorum introduce a new art and industry collaboration

In the spring of 2023, The Hamrin Foundation and Vandalorum will start an educational program unique to Sweden, where art and design students at Swedish universities collaborate with industries in Småland. The program is established at the art and design museum Vandalorum in Värnamo and is led by artist Oscar Guermouche.

Oscar Guermouche and Lovisa Hamrin. Photo: Vandalorum