The Hamrin Foundation and the Royal Institute of Art

What is the project about?

The Hamrin Foundation has, in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Art invited an artist to develop an art project that will be carried out in the production environment of an industrial company in Småland. Starting from the industrial company’s innovation center, there will be a meeting between the research processes of industry and art, which will result in an exhibition in the fall.

The project’s artist is Sara Ekholm Eriksson. Since she recently graduated from the Royal Institute of Art, she has achieved great success by mixing materials and techniques into installations that develop a site-specific narrative and reside in the borderland between nature and artefact. Her work in the production environment has been ongoing since January 2023.

In parallel throughout the work, the Stockholm School of Economics, through Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, follows the project from the business perspective.

About the Royal Institute of Art

the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm is a leading university of art with a long artistic tradition that began as early as 1735. It is Sweden’s largest university of liberal arts and Sweden’s smallest state university. The university conducts education and research in the subjects of liberal arts and architecture on an artistic basis.

About Stockholm School of Economic

Stockholm School of Economics (SSE, Stockholm School of Economics) is a private university founded more than a century ago. Almost ten years ago, it was decided to let art and literature inspire SSE’s entire knowledge strategy Free (stands for Fact-based, Reflective, Empathetic and Entrepreneurial). Since then, the SSE Art Initiative has been responsible for connecting art to state-of-the-art management training and international business research in economics and management.